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Social Policy

Name of the indicator Value
The number of hostels 3
The total area of dormitories, sq m 21781.6
The living area of the dorms, sq m 15418.7
Number of places in hostels 1832
Number of places in dormitories for students with disabilities and persons with disabilities* 6
Provision of dormitories with soft and rigid inventory according to established standard norms 78%
The presence of food in hostels (including buffets, dining rooms) no

In each dormitory of the medical University, on the 1st floor there is one living room intended for living of persons with disabilities (if there are such students at the University), where the conditions of unhindered, safe and convenient movement are organized. Namely, at the entrance of the dormitories there is a button "call" support staff, to help people with disabilities, the width of the doorways corresponds to the size of a convenient passage, the turn of persons traveling on wheelchairs, the low location of door handles, sockets,the presence of additional railings and handrails in the bathroom. A "convenient access" is provided directly to the entrance of the dormitories, on the Parking of the dormitories there are places for students with disabilities and persons with disabilities.

Hostel №1
Kemerovo, etc. Stroiteley, d 45.

Hostel №2
Kemerovo, Oktyabrsky Ave., 16-a.

Hostel №4
Kemerovo, etc. Stroiteley, d 37.

Union Committee

The primary trade Union organization of the trade Union of health workers of the Russian Federation KEMEROVO state medical University of the Ministry of health of Russia has been working at the University for more than 25 years. It is a United organization: its members are employees and students of the University. 

The governing body of the trade Union organization is the trade Union Committee (trade Union Committee). It consists of 10 employees and 13 students. 

The Chairman of the trade Union organization since 2016 is Olga Anatolyevna Rinas – assistant of the Department of pediatric dentistry, orthodontics and propaedeutics of dental diseases. The head is assisted by two deputies – Ekaterina Chubar, a 5th year student of the medical faculty, and Zakhar Okishev, a 4th year student of the medical and preventive faculty. 

The trade Union Committee has permanent commissions: organizational, information, cultural, legal, volunteer, Commission for collective bargaining. 
The most important activity of the trade Union is the development of a draft collective agreement, negotiating with the employer on its conclusion, amendment, addition and control of its implementation. 

The trade Union organization also carries out a protective function, monitoring the employer's compliance with labor legislation, regulations and agreements on labor protection, makes proposals to improve the working conditions, health and life of employees and students. 

 Members of the trade Union Committee are part of the commissions on labor protection, SOUT (special assessment of working conditions). In December 2018, at the trade Union conference, trade Union labor protection commissioners were elected to each faculty. 

Members of a trade Union organization pay a monthly membership fee of 1% of their salary or stipend. They enjoy all the benefits prescribed in the Charter of the trade Union of health workers of the Russian Federation and the collective agreement. 

 For employees, the trade Union organization annually holds cultural and recreational activities, congratulates on anniversaries and professional holidays, awards and awards letters of thanks and certificates for active work. Members of the organization can receive return financial assistance in the amount of up to 30 thousand rubles. Our organization provides employees and charitable assistance, organizes gifts for February 23 and March 8. 

In addition to the above, each member of the trade Union, if he was in a difficult situation, can up to twice a year to receive financial assistance from the trade Union organization. 

Children of students receive free gifts for the New year, tickets for festive events by June 1, cash prizes, letters of thanks and certificates, if they participate in competitions organized by the Union. 

Another area of the trade Union organization is social partnership. The trade Union organization holds a number of events together with the administration of the University: the Day of the elderly, the Day of memory, provides financial assistance to participants of competitions of various levels. 

All those wishing to join our organization, we are waiting in the trade Union Committee (KAB. 205 of the main building). 

Contact details: 

Chairman of trade Union:

Rinas Olga, vol. 8-904-370-26-18, Viber, WhatsApp, 
E-mail: ol.rinas@yandex.ru

The videos of foreign students about life in Kuzbass and about studying at our Medical state university.