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History of the University

The important dates of KemSMU.

1956 – The first faculty of General Medicine was established.

1990 – The Faculty of Sanitation and Hygiene was reorganized into Medical Preventive Faculty.

2016 – The official date of getting the University status.

            KemSMU is rightly included to the cohort of the best medical institutions of Higher Education in Russia. Its history started in 1955, when the country needed a lot of medical professionals after the Great patriotic War. Only one faculty the first faculty of General Medicine was organized.

            Today there are 7 faculties and more than 3.500 students studying at the University. They come from all the Siberian regions, CIS and India. For more than 63 years of development it has become one of the prestigious educational, scientific and medical centres of Siberia and Russia. It trains highly qualified specialists in all the areas of Medicine. There are all the necessary opportunities for students' educational and scientific work.