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Academic staff:

Number of the employees – 365

Candidates of Sciences – 172 – 47,1%

Doctors of Sciences – 83 – 22,7%

Academic degree holders rate – 255 – 69,8%

The university is not the first year is a recognized leader in the development of new directions. The university is a participant and coordinator of biomedical research, with universities and research institutes in the region. KEMSMU cooperates with seven universities, conducts research with five research institutes, 9 research centers and problem commissions of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and the Russian Academy of Sciences. Scientific research of the Higher Institution is conducted according to the state demand. Structures of the University are working in accordance with the complex federal and international programs, requests of the Local Authorities and institutions of Health Care. Our scientists research problems, which are connected with significant diseases for Kuzbass. There are 15 Scientific Schools, which are well – known not only in Russia but abroad.

The scientists of our University are experts of the World Health Organization, international expert councils in various fields of science. Our doctors are members of the editorial boards of leading Russian and foreign publications. Creative business contacts on academic exchange and joint research have been established with scientists from Germany, France, USA, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, PRC, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Japan, Belarus, etc.

There are Postgraduate studies in 30 specialties in the areas of preparation «Clinical medicine», «Medico – prophylactic business», «Fundamental medicine», «Pharmacy» and «Biological sciences».