What documents do I need to present to enter the Kemerovo State Medical University?
Your Personal, educational and medical documents
What are the stages of admission?
Prepare your Document Package

Pass through Competitive Selection

Get an Invitation and Apply for a Student Visa
How to submit your documents:
International Passport
Document confirming your identity and citizenship (a scan of original and notarised translation into Russian). Your copy should include a page with your address.
Document about Education
Copy of a document detailing your education (a scan of the original diploma), listing subjects studied and grades achieved (with translation into Russian and notarised).
Agreement on Personal Data processing
Print your document and fill out as shown in this sample.
How to submit your documents:
Medical Certificates / Statement on standard medical form
Statement on standard medical form (Medical certificates) indicating no contraindications for studying in Russia, with note on results of HIV test, Blood test for viral hepatitis B and C, analysis for syphilis and Chest X-ray.
Application for admission
Print the document and fill it in as shown in the sample
Download documents from the cloud using this link, print , fill in, then scan and send them to us!
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